​Not on the field! Adrian Houser just couldn't stomach the Philadelphia Phillies' lineup this afternoon at Miller Park. Unfortunately enough, the Brewers reliever took that sentiment literally, ​puking chunks of what was surely Cracker Jack and Big League Chew onto the mound in the middle of the damn game (we're only partially kidding). 

Houser caused a momentary delay in the game, as the grounds crew had to clean things up. 

Perhaps the most underrated part of this entire series of events, however, was that Houser stayed in the game to finish the inning. If that's not true grit, I don't know what is.

Maybe he drank a bad Miller Lite during warm-ups? Hey, we've all been there. Perhaps Houser took his ​Brew Crew reputation just a bit too literally.

Shout out to the grounds crew as well. This, bar none, has to be the worst part of their job.

Middle relief isn't as easy as it looks, especially if your insides are betraying you. 

This couldn't have been a happy Father's Day in the Houser household.