​You're KILLING me, Smalls! The cast from the legendary baseball movie, The Sandlot, was in attendance at Saturday night's Dodgers-Giants game, and it was honestly 25 years overdue.

Thank you, ​​Dodgers, for making this happen. We're not sure why no other team hasn't thought of this over the last two and a half decades, but baseball fans and movie lovers were given the ultimate treat.

Ham Porter calling out Smalls is a classic, but for once, Smalls actually came through and made it to the festivities. 

But he actually did ruin it to an extent in this cringeworthy video of him before the game: 

Come on, Smalls. We know you're shy, but you're all grown up now. 

Aside from that, it was actually incredible to watch the ​Dodgers announce The Sandlot's starting lineup. It would have been nice to see if these guys had anything left in the tank

against Madison Bumgarner.

​​We know Kiké Hernandez does, because he just crushed a two-run shot off of him to give the Dodgers the lead.

The Sandlot cast bringing some good luck to Dodger Stadium!