​Ladies and gentleman, the College World Series is upon us! The Regional and Super Regional rounds are over and we are down to the Final 8. To kick things off, Blaine Knight, ace for the Arkansas Razorbacks, wasted no time directly challenging Texas star Kody Clemens, son of former MLB pitcher Roger Clemens, ahead of their game on Sunday.

​Kody Clemens is easily one of the nation's best power hitters. He was ​selected in the third round of the MLB draft this year by the Tigers after he hit 24 home runs and batted a very impressive .356 with 72 RBI in 239 at-bats. He's also been dingering all over his competition during postseason play.

He is certainly an offensive asset that shouldn't be messed around with and Blaine Knight has no intentions of  backing down. ​​However, Knight is an opponent to be feared as well, boasting a 2.84 ERA in 17 games started for the Razorbacks this season. He's confident in his abilities.

This should be a fantastic game to start off the second day of the College World Series. Make sure to tune in to see these two studs face off.