​Houston, we have Lebron?

It hasn't even been a week since the NBA Finals concluded but what's on everyone's mind right now is LeBron James' upcoming free agency decision.

The ​Rockets are one of the teams in play for the 33-year-old and apparently James is looking at private high schools in the same Texas city the team calls home, according to reports.

​​Let the speculation begin!

James is just doing his due diligence as a father. Houston is a possible destination for the king and he wants to make sure that his family will be put in a good situation as he weighs all of his options. Reports say that James is will make his next decision based on what's best for his family. 

This comes just days after it was speculated that James' son, ​Bronny, was committed to playing at Sierra Canyon in Los Angeles next year, and everyone started immediately assuming LBJ was going to the Lakers. However, a school official denied the news.

So the Houston dream is still alive!

Every little thing James does until his decision will be magnified, but one thing's for sure: James' family is a huge factor in his decision making.