Kyrie Irving's future is surprisingly up in the air, as he has not yet committed to signing an extension with the Celtics. He's interested in discussing the team's direction, but has decided not to pull the trigger yet. Of course, if he ever sours on the game of basketball altogether, he does have a backup career lined up. Just check out his latest R&B stylings:

​​Come on, that's pretty catchy. 

This isn't just a hobby for Irving; it's something that's legitimately going to be featured in the upcoming Uncle Drew film he's starring in. He's a basketball star, will have top billing in a movie and has a song. Not bad for a 26-year-old.

​​While he seems to be enjoying it, however, not everyone is Kyrie's biggest fan.

​​Whether you like it or not, it's a wise decision for Irving to do things like this. If he keeps flowing, it may take the attention off his ​ridiculous theory that the world is flat. That's just a smart plan.

Unless he includes that theory in his next song. If that's the case, he should definitely give up singing.