We're all admittedly a little skeptical about the NFL's new kickoff rules. 

Anytime there's a change, there's reason to be hesitant about it. Lovers of football appreciate the sport the way it is and don't want alterations of any kind. Even though this may not be preferred, fans better hope this rule change works.

Otherwise, kickoffs could be banned altogether. 

Former head of officiating Mike Pereira believes the league will get rid of kickoffs if concussions don't go down. 

​​It's now or never for kickoffs.

The change in rule actually makes a ton of sense and was designed specifically to eliminate injuries -- specifically concussions. Obviously, if you make an adjustment in order to stop something and it fails, scrapping the situation, in general, is the next step. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

Concussions are the NFL's biggest enemy. If eliminating kickoffs is the easiest way to vanquish that enemy, then this is an easy decision for the NFL.

The most interesting thing about this is Pereira's idea of what can replace kickoffs. They obviously can't just get rid of it without a replacement idea as this would put teams who are trailing at a serious disadvantage. The NFL analyst believes the league could implement "The Greg Schiano Rule" where teams would get the ball on the 35-yard line in a fourth-and-15 setting. They then can either punt or can opt to go for it.  

That honestly sounds fantastic, but a league without kickoffs would be strange.