With the ​All-Star break officially a month away, MLB has finally unveiled the much-anticipated uniforms that the players will sport during the Home Run Derby (July 16) and workouts right before the big game the following day. 

Since the event is taking place in the Washington, D.C., at Nationals Park, there was no doubt that designs would feature classic American-style symbolizing the Nation's capital. 

The league did not disappoint with these beauties. 

The details within the "American" and "National" logos on the chest of each jersey is star-spangled awesome and the hats with the stars on the bill are just as cool. The American League features the Washington Monument in the background while the National League features the Capitol Building. 

The writing within each logo does not have words from the Declaration of Independence, but rather from part of an essay by baseball historian John Thorn, according to Scott Allen of the Washington Post.

Perhaps the best part of the entire look is the socks, which also display the Capitol Building on the front of the player's shin, along with some primo playoff-style bunting. The red, white and blue color proudly boasts the hosting Nationals team, but the details are carefully constructed as to pay tribute to the location of the game without looking too much like the Stars and Stripes-theme that players will wear on July 4th weekend.

​The MLB certainly hit a home run with this look.