​Oklahoma State's athletic director Mike Holder put in his two cents regarding Mike Gundy's ​recruiting tactics during a recent Pistols Firing podcast. 

Holder believes that the team is held back by the athletes they're bringing in, and took aim at the coaching staff. 

“I’d want to finish higher in those recruiting rankings than we consistently do. I think that ultimately puts a ceiling on what you’re able to achieve,” Holder said.

Although Holder admitted that Gundy and his colleagues have done an excellent job building upon what talent they do have, he wishes they had a 'few more ​James Washingtons' coming in each year. Good luck with that.

Besides the fact that Oklahoma has allocated a lot of time and resources into creating a top of the line college football facility and claimed four seasons with ten wins in the last five years, Holder still seems to think their top priority should be recruitment. 

"Recruiting’s the most important thing we do, and you’re only as good as your athletes," Holder reaffirmed. 

Gundy did not seem thrilled with Holder's advice in a tweet that was posted shortly after.  He'll likely take Holder's comments with a grain of salt. 

Sure, every coach could benefit from a top 25 recruiting class, but you've got to admit Gundy has done a great job working with what he has. 

Nevertheless, everyone's entitled to their own opinion.