Is a return to the "Showtime" era upon us in Los Angeles? Possibly, according to ESPN's Kevin Pelton.

Many Lakers fans have dreamt about the possibility of a LeBron James and Paul George tandem in Hollywood, but adding Kawhi Leonard to the mix would create the NBA's newest "Big Three" in addition to giving teams such as the Golden State Warriors a huge run for their money. 

The question is, how will it all work and come together?

It all starts with the money, before anything else, and the financial focus must be on James and George, the free agents, before moving forward to Leonard, the player still under contract. 

Peyton writes that LeBron's max salary (estimated to be $35.4 million) in addition to PG13's (estimated to be $30.3 million), will already cost the Lakers more than $65 million, leaving LA with no other choice than to trade a player, such as Luol Deng, to San Antonio for Kawhi, though of course it would cost a lot more than that for the Spurs to trade.

Pelton writes that "timing is the biggest challenge to the Lakers pulling off a big three this summer," as a trade would have to happen before signing either free agent. Otherwise, a player like Deng would have already been waived, resulting in the loss of a key financial trading piece.

Many reports have already suggested that San Antonio, specifically Gregg Popovich, will meet with Leonard sometime within the next few weeks to discuss his future with the organization. If a rumored $219 million super-max extension is offered, Leonard will most likely take it; if not, a trade would most likely be requested.

If Leonard does not get his super-max offer, asks for a trade to LA and if the right pieces are moved around, James and George could very well join him in Hollywood.