​We literally saw man take flight! Throughout almost every group of friends, there's one individual that believes he can legitimately dunk over all of his peers. Well, clearly that narrative is true for some athletically-gifted people. In one of the most insane jams you'll ever seen, an entire group of people were posterized, and they had to show it off on insta.

​​Are you kidding me? The gram has never seen a dunk this good.

This display of athleticism wasn't even shown in the 2018 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. He seriously dunked over five people with ease.

Forget about​ LeBron James' self alley-oop off the backboard or Donovan Mitchell's ​ferocious putback slam, the greatest dunk of 2018 now belongs to this dunk artist himself. 

Call it flying or falling with style if you want, but there's no denying that this fella can absolutely put on a show with his vertical.