​And we thought recruiting an ​eighth grader was way too early. Young Olivier Rioux is truly a legend. This 12-year-old basketball player from France is 6-10, and he does not shy away from absolutely dominating his opponents.

I mean, this has got to be unfair. He doesn't even have to jump to dunk the ball.

The other average sized 12-year-olds stand absolutely no chance.

We can all appreciate the effort Rioux puts in, like putting his arms up on defense (as if that's going to make more of a difference). But that certainly is not stopping him from mercilessly blocking all of his opponents.

The 12-year-old is already being scouted in France! Only six more years until he actually gets to college.

Get this kid a higher rim! Until then, he'll continue to savagely dominate any kid that comes his way.