​The NFL has already had their share of ​controversy surrounding the league's ch​eerleading policies. While past disputes have disturbed many fans, this latest development should cause an uproar. 

It appears the New Orleans Saints have fired one of their cheerleaders for posting an Instagram photo that was considered too provocative, featured below:

​​Seriously, teams needs to reconsider their regulations for cheerleaders. 

We've heard stories where they were scrutinized for wearing sweatpants, but then not wearing enough clothing is also worthy of getting fired?   

Let's be real here, these women aren't wearing suits on the field. The league literally requires them to wear revealing apparel, yet it's a deadly sin to showcase it on social media. 

​​​Poor wages, cruel requirements, and insane punishments for expressing freedom on Instagram. Only in the NFL can fans find these undesirable qualities. 

Another day, another ridiculous issue surrounding the NFL, as the league continues adding more problems than solutions.