​Following their recent victory over the Yankees, Washington was struck with critical news this morning.  

Since purchasing the team in 2006, Ted Lerner has served as the principal owner for ​the Nationals. Throughout his time in that role, several postseason appearances and stars have graced the franchise. Although Washington is firmly in the playoff hunt once again, Lerner will watch from a different perspective. 

At 92 years old, Ted Lerner is officially stepping down from his role with the team, as his son Mark will takeover the reigns as managing owner. 

​​In Washington's press release to the public, the MLB announced their approval for this change. 

With Lerner passing the torch to his son, the Nationals will have a quick adjustment period. However, he's made it very clear that he'll continue helping his son as they pursue their ultimate goal of winning the World Series. 

​​Experiencing alterations in management is always difficult, but keeping it within the family should help the Nationals stay afloat in their ​race for the NL East.