​I mean, honestly, this isn't at all surprising. If I was traded to the Cleveland Browns, I would have a grudge against whoever traded me too. ​Tyrod Taylor certainly isn't happy, saying that he hopes he can knock the Bills out of the playoffs in 2018. Yup, he didn't hesitate saying it. 

Buffalo certainly might find itself in the playoffs again, but for the Browns to make it, they will need quite the turnaround this year. 

But who knows? Tyrod claims that his trade from the Bills, whom he led to the playoffs last year, gives him extra fire and motivation and that ​his new Browns team is amazingly talented.

Sure, that's just the usual cliche response any player would give, but Cleveland will definitely be better than they were last year (not that that's too hard to do). ​Hue Jackson should make another bet that if the team doesn't improve, he'll jump into Lake Erie.

If indeed we do see a Browns-Bills playoff matchup, the face-off of Tyrod against his old team will certainly be one of the biggest storylines. But let's be real...that's not gonna happen.

Honestly, some Browns fans would rather see Baker Mayfield as the starting quarterback anyway. If Taylor wants to see his wish come true, he'll have to keep Baker off the field.