In case you hadn't heard, Josh Gordon believes the Browns receivers are the best in the league. Gordon, Jarvis Landry, and Corey Coleman are the favorites to be the starting receivers for Cleveland this upcoming season. 

While that is a very solid core, the claim is up for debate considering other great groups around the league such as Pittsburgh, Oakland and Atlanta. Browns QB Tyrod Taylor, however, says this can only be settled on the field.

"I love the confidence in those guys,'' ​Taylor said via "Every receiver definitely feels that they're the best. I think that's what makes them unique and able to play that position. Whether you say it or not, it really boils down to what you do. Now that the statement's out there, we have to go out there and prove it.''

Now that's how a leader leads! Taylor's saying all the right things here, reminding his players to be focused on the field, and telling them to be more than just words. Overall, this 2018 roster seems like a much more vocal and confident team than any other Browns team in recent history. 

They're also much more skilled than most Cleveland teams we've seen in the past decade. But as many NFL fans know, skill does not always equal production. 

While exceeding their win total of one from last season shouldn't be too difficult, the Browns should be working hard to maximize the roster's potential. If they want to prove headline-making claims like Gordon's, they'll have to follow leaders like Taylor, who let their play speak from them.