John Calipari's success in sending his players to the NBA is second to none. He has produced an astounding 42 players that have gone on to be drafted and 31 of those players have come in his first eight seasons at Kentucky.

The statistics behind what he has done in terms of producing NBA draft picks may never be matched. The only problem is, of all the players he has sent to the NBA only one has won an NBA championship. That player is Earl Barron who was apart of the 2006 Miami Heat squad that beat the Dallas Mavericks in finals. 

Barron played zero playoff minutes during those Finals, and wasn't even drafted to begin with. 

​The stat is mind-boggling considering all the talented players Calipari has sent the NBA's way.

Cal is the only coach to produce four No. 1 overall selections, have five first-round selections in a single draft, and have six players taken in the modern two-round NBA draft, which happened twice.

US Senator Mitch McConnell once said of coach Cal, "You’re creating more millionaires than a Wall Street firm".

So, does the blame really reside on Calipari's shoulders? 

It's hard to fault Cal at all. Once a player leaves for the NBA, they are in the hands of that organization and coach. Cal's job is to get them to the league, not hold their hand while in the NBA as well.

Still, it's a surprising statistic.