​Atlanta Braves superstar Freddie Freeman is not talked about in the manor he should be nearly enough. 

He should be rightfully praised as an MVP-caliber player. Meanwhile you rarely hear his name. How? 

The Braves currently sit in first-place of the NL East and Freeman is undoubtedly their best player. Freeman is hitting .344 with ​13 homers and 47 RBI's. He ranks 5th in the MLB in WAR, and first in the NL in OPS-plus. The verdict on Freeman is in, and he's the best player in the National League. 

​​Meanwhile, despite his amazing season, Freeman till doesn't get the attention of a player like Bryce Harper or even Kris Bryant. Yet he's been arguably better than both of those players not only this year, but over the past few years. Freeman has hit over .300 three years in a row. 

​​It's difficult to understand why Freeman doesn't get the love he deserves. You could argue that Freeman was a victim of being on a bad team previously. However, it's more so that he's not the flashiest of players. The Braves star doesn't make take homers away like Mike Trout and he wasn't the teenage star who made good like Bryce Harper. However, he is consistently rock solid in the sense that you know what your going to get.

Over .300 with 30 homers every year? Sing me up for ​Freddie Freeman as National League MVP