​No love lost, no love found between Jarvis Landry and the ​Miami Dolphins.

The new Cleveland Browns receiver doesn't seem to miss his old team or his former quarterback at all. 

Landry said that the Browns' quarterback situation is a lot better than what he dealt with in Miami and told reporters he never had a good relationship with Ryan Tannehill.

Please Landry, tell us how you really feel.

The LSU alum was drafted by Miami in 2014 and played on the same offense with Tannehill for the first three seasons before the quarterback missed all of last year due to injury. Despite Landry obviously being Tanehill's number one receiver, being targeted over 100 times all three seasons, the duo didn't exactly see eye to eye. 

Trading for the star wide receiver was just one of the many moves Cleveland made this off-season during its process of overhauling the offense. Landry is now working with quarterbacks like the first overall pick in year's draft, Baker Mayfield, and Tyrod Taylor, who was also traded for.

While Landry has no problem putting his former team and QB on blast, he better remember that his new team hasn't had the best luck in the last two decades with quarterbacks panning out.