​Once the NFL hits training camp time, various NFL teams hold joint practices to get themselves ahead of the new season. However, one team which took part in those sessions in the past, will not do so this summer.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson revealed the team will not hold joint practices. The reasoning you ask? "Because." 

Seriously, that was the answer.

Pederson did, however, follow it up with a more in-depth response.

"I don't think it's an every-year thing," said Pederson. "I think last year it was great for us. It was a great change up for us to go against Miami. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. Teams are already booked. Teams are already full. Teams are doing other things. For us, it's just let's just get better as a team."

After winning Super Bowl LII, the Eagles roster has changed quite a bit through the offseason. That includes the acquisitions of ​Michael Bennett, Mike Wallace, and Haloti Ngata. The goal is to set themselves up for a return trip to football's version of the promised land.

Not to mention the team wants to focus on ​a smooth recovery for quarterback Carson Wentz, who is returning from a torn ACL and LCL.

The Eagles have a preseason matchup with the Patriots on Aug. 16, so if they were going to hold a joint practice, their Super Bowl opponent would have been an option. It would have certainly been intriguing, as well as must-see.

As mentioned by Pederson, Philadelphia did hold joint practices with the Miami Dolphins last year. The other teams they did have dual sessions with include the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens.

For those looking to see a joint practice scrum involving the Eagles, it won't happen this year.