​You can try and build an argument that ​Mike Trout isn't the best player in baseball, but there's no point. He's undoubtedly the greatest in the game, and is on track to being one of the best of all-time.

I mean, if you value wins above replacement (WAR), he's better by himself than a third of the teams in baseball this season.

We all know that ​WAR isn't an exact science, and isn't always the best measurement of how good a player or a team is. Like any single metric, it's not the end-all. But it's a fine initial point of reference for combined offensive and defensive production and the fact Trout has a higher WAR (5.6) than 10 teams is ridiculous.

It's an interesting question to ask: Would you trade the entire Baltimore Orioles lineup, who has a negative WAR, for Mike Trout? 

Yes, Manny Machado has been equally great compared to Trout, but the answer is a resounding, yes! Manny's contract is expiring anyway.

Trout is on pace to tally 98 extra-base hits (55 home runs), 105 RBI, 31 stolen bases and a 1.120 OPS. Hard to imagine he can do more than what he's already done over his career, but the dude is continuing to get better and top what he did the year before.