4 Best Tennessee Alums to Ever Play in the NBA

The University of Tennessee might not be a powerhouse for basketball, but that does not mean that there aren't some alumni who went on to succeed in the NBA. Here are four Tennessee basketball players who ended up having great careers in the league.

4. Tobias Harris

Out of all the players on this list, Tobias Harris is the least accomplished. Harris holds career averages of 14.6 points per game and 5.6 rebounds per game, numbers that have allowed him to play in the NBA for seven years so far. With that being said, don't expect Harris to retire any time soon as he seems to be entering the prime of his career. Last season, the 6-9 small forward averaged a career-high 18.7 points per game. If Tobias Harris continues improving, there's a chance he will be voted in as an All-Star some time in the future.

3. Dale Ellis

During Dale Ellis' 17-year career, Ellis achieved a Most Improved Player award, made it to an All-Star game, and was even voted onto an All-NBA team. The 1988-1989 season was where Ellis shined the brightest. That year, Ellis averaged 27.5 points per game, 4.2 rebounds per game, and 1.3 steals per game (these were the statistics that earned him his lone All-Star appearance and All-NBA vote). Ellis would end up having multiple 20+ points per game seasons, but his formative years and last few seasons in the league would lower his career points per game total to a solid 15.7.

2. Allan Houston

Averaging 17.3 career points per game, Allan Houston was able to make it to two All-Star games in the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 seasons. After spending his first two years with the Detroit Pistons, Houston would end up spending the rest (and most dominant part) of his career with the New York Knicks . What makes Houston's career particularly impressive is that he was always consistent in his scoring. Besides his rookie season and last year, Houston never averaged less than 14.5 points per game in a season, something that is not easy to do.

1. Bernard King

While his Hall of Fame status says it all, it is important to look at why Bernard King is the best basketball player that the University of Tennessee has ever produced. His 22.5 points per game and 5.8 rebounds per game career averages are better than anyone's on this list. His 1984-1985 season eclipses Dale Ellis' 1988-1989 season too! In his 1984-1985 season, King was the leading scorer of the entire NBA, as he averaged a ridiculous 32.9 points per game (he was also an All-Star and was on the All-NBA team that year). Bernard King is the GOAT of Tennessee basketball.