In February, the Boston Celtics put together a trade package for Kawhi Leonard, who at that time had barely played the regular season, and the Spurs turned it down without so much as a counter offer. The message is clear. The Spurs haven't given up on Leonard.

If the Celtics had no chance with all of their assets in young stars, the ​Lakers and the 76ers have absolutely no chance of landing Leonard. At this point, what could either of those teams offer that the Celtics couldn't?

The players the Celtics have to offer in Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Gordon Hayward, Terry Rozier, Kyrie Irving and Marcus Morris (all hypothetically speaking) are much greater than what LA and Philly can provide. Their depth nowhere near compares to Boston's.

As for the Spurs, Leonard and Gregg Popovich are scheduled to meet in New York to try and get back on the same page so The Claw can remain in San Antonio long term.

It's clear the Spurs have little interest in trading Leonard and want him to be a member of the organization for years to come, so on top of being unwilling to trade him, they aren't even open to considering it with the best trade partner.

So, all in all, dream on Lakers and Sixers fans. The Celtics were shut down without the Spurs second guessing, so you guys have no shot.