​Bryce Harper is a lot of things. 

Washington Nationals superstar. Five-time All Star. Stanley Cup Finals predictor. And now, according to one anonymous NL executive, a "selfish, losing player."

Harper has long been a divisive player. He's surely one of the cockiest players in the MLB. However, the megastar is putting up video game numbers and is generally perceived to be worth the antics he at times engages in.

Even if they have a bit of an attitude, players as talented as Harper are generally well-received in the baseball community. This guy has been a franchise cornerstone from the instant he broke into the Majors as a 19-year-old, and nothing has changed that perception in the intervening years. 

Despite having a down year this season, Harper still leads the NL with 19 home runs, owns a .369 OBP, and has recorded an .878 OPS. So I'm not really sure why this anonymous executive decided to call Harper "overrated." If these are the statistics a player puts up in his worst season, then I want him on my team.

Nationals manager Mike Rizzo backed up his superstar after the executive's words reached him. Rizzo stated, "I think it’s just totally unfair on so many levels" and that "these anonymous quotes from these unnamed sources like a National League executive, it’s cowardly, it’s chicken s***, and it’s gutless.”

Rizzo is totally right with his statement. Bryce Harper is a winner capable of anchoring a team for years to come, and, despite the words of one random anonymous NL executive, I'm sure almost every team knows that fact.