The Kawhi Leonard ordeal has been one of the longest and most exhausting dramas of this NBA season. Through the ups and the downs of the Spurs' relationship with Leonard, the organization is willing to consider offering him a max deal with a few circumstances.

According to reports, Leonard will need to prove his loyalty when he sits down with the team to discuss this any further.

Leonard's max deal would be a whopping $219 million, so the Spurs aren't just going to hand out that money without any sort of assurance after the antics he pulled this year. This is a price that no other team in the league would be able to offer him at this point. 

There will be a series of conversations where both sides will have to convince each other that they are ready to take this relationship to the next level. There are reports that Popovich and Leonard will be meeting as early as this week to start the mending process.

According to Woj, the Celtics reached out to San Antonio about a Leonard trade before the trade deadline in February and the Spurs rejected the deal and didn't even counter. The 76ers and the Lakers could also be teams that are interested in Leonard if things really fall through with the Spurs, but if the C's couldn't pull off a deal, it's hard to believe Philly or LA can.

Hopefully, for the Spurs' sake, the situation doesn't escalate to hypotheticals. The Spurs have shown that they want to repair this relationship and aren’t giving up on a future with Kawhi just yet.