Bryce Harper's big appearance at Yankee Stadium is not turning out how he probably expected. In his time at the plate, he's been hit twice, and as a result of the second HBP, has exited the game after it drilled him in the left foot.

For Nationals fans, this is the last thing you want to see, as Harper is someone who cannot easily be replaced, to say the least.

The only hope is that this isn't a serious injury, and only a precautionary exit as to not injure whatever may be wrong any more then it needs to be; after all, he wasn't able to fully recover from the HBP in his previous at-bat either, which got him on the inner arm.

Whatever possible future relationship may exist between the Bronx Bombers and Harper may be in flux now, especially after the beating he has taken in Tuesday night's matchup.

Harper, in his contract year, has produced a batting average of .228, while hitting 19 homers and driving in 43 runs.

His average has definitely dipped below what baseball fans are used to seeing, but that shouldn't matter, as long as he can remain healthy and productive in the middle of the Nats lineup.