Looks like partying after winning a title costs a LOT MORE than anyone might have imagined. 

The Warriors won their third championship in four years over the weekend with a sweep of the Cavs. 

Although the Warriors did not need to exert that much effort to beat them, that did not stop the Warriors from celebrating. And they spent a pretty penny on booze. 

Half a million dollars is a lot of money and I don't think you can say that the Warriors spent that money responsibly. Look at all that champagne being wasted in the picture on the right! Maybe some of that money could go to re-signing ​Kevin Durant.

Whether it be Swaggy P celebrating shirtless or Jordan Bell being drunk during an interview, the Warriors post-championship antics have certainly been entertaining. 

The Warriors are having a good time and who can blame them? 

Three championships is certainly an accomplishment, even if it took a ridiculous cast of All-Stars to do so.