1 Dec 2001:  Quarterback Ken Dorsey #11 of the Miami Hurricanes calls a play as his teammate Brett Romberg #66 prepares to snap the ball during the NCAA game against the Virginia Tech Hokies at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, Virginia.  Miami defeated Virginia Tech 26-24.  Mandatory Credit:  Criag Jones/Getty Images

6 Underrated Teams in the AP All-Time College Football Poll

As the college football offseason continues, fans find themselves pondering certain topics on a broader spectrum. What isn't pondered as much as it should be is who has the greatest program of all time.

On Tuesday, Reddit CFB took the time to make an All-Time Top 25 Poll. Many teams were seeded appropriately, some were over seeded and others were very much under seeded, many of whom are listed here;

6. No. 25, Iowa

In my years of watching Big Ten football, there's no team more sneaky than the Iowa Hawkeyes. Most years they're good, not great, but it seems like they can beat anybody at home, much like we've seen in their upsets against Michigan and Ohio State the past two years. 

5. No. 11, Florida State

The Seminoles have been one of the best teams--if not THE best team--in the ACC over the past decade, even with the emergence of Clemson. They spent several consecutive years in the Top 25 until 2017 and were the last team to finish the season undefeated. 

4. No. 2, Alabama

With everything Alabama has done, from winning the most national titles to producing the most NFL Draft pics in recent years, I don't know how you rank any team ahead of them. Nick Saban and Bear Bryant are the two best coaches of all time and they BOTH coached at Alabama. That has to be enough. 

3. No. 19, Clemson

This ranking was the most surprising out of each placement. I understand that these rankings are based on what a program has done her the course of their existence, but the Tigers have certainly done enough in recent years for them to be placed higher than 19th on this list. 

2. No. 21, Wisconsin

The Badgers have always seemed to be one of the most consistent teams not only in their conference, but in the entire country. Every year you know they're going to have an above average running game and a defense that will give opposing teams headaches. 

1. No. 15, Miami

The greatest college football team to ever take the field was the 2001 Miami team. The squad was loaded with talent which quickly filtered into the NFL. That combined with how dominant they were in the '80's should put them just a tiny bit higher.