There's no love lost between Sammy Watkins and the Los Angeles Rams. 

It'd be an understatement to say the dynamic wideout was overpaid this offseason, as the ​Kansas City Chiefs are paying him $16 million per season. While that salary alone was probably enough to convince Watkins to join the AFC West, the former Clemson product revealed another factor in his decision. 

Oddly enough, Watkins claims that playing with a young quarterback he could grow with was pivotal. 

​​That's a fantastic reason to join a certain franchise, but is he forgetting that Jared Goff is only 23 years old? 

Making his way to the Chiefs seems like a shot at Goff, who's only one year older than ​Patrick Mahomes. As for the rest of Watkins' argument, the speedy wideout shared his desires for a young team, great coach, and postseason success. 

Every one of those wishes could have been achieved in Los Angeles. Sean McVay is one of the best offensive minds in the NFL, Los Angles won the NFC West, and the Rams had an average age of 27. 

In spite of all that evidence, that didn't stop Watkins from throwing shade at his former team. 

If Watkins' has harsh comments about the Rams, then it makes me wonder about his thoughts on the Buffalo Bills.