Britt McHenry has never been afraid of controversy. She's always been confident enough to voice her questionable personal opinions no matter how stupid she inevitably looks or how reasonable the ensuing consequences are. The Capitals parade was more of the same for one of the most divisive sports reporters in recent memory.

The controversial former ESPN reporter said she had a hot dog thrown at her by a man who also yelled "f*** Donald Trump" to her while attending the parade for the Stanley Cup winning Washington Capitals. 

While it's certainly eye-opening whenever something like this happens, it's not at all surprising when you consider McHenry's history. She has long been outspoken in presenting her conservative views and she believes they played a role in her firing from ESPN. Well, I shouldn't even say conservative views. Rather, ​McHenry just thought she was too white


While you never actively root for someone to get hit with a disgusting half-eaten slab of meat thrown by a drunk and rowdy hockey fan, if it's going to happen to anyone, cheers to it being McHenry. 

And is it a coincidence that McHenry is the fan of a team whose ​best player is a Russian who loves Vladimir Putin?

Glad to see McHenry didn't let it affect her day. Maybe that positive attitude and determined spirit will land her a job alongside Tomi Lahren on a show entirely devoted to complaining about players kneeling for the national anthem.