The age-old debate of who's the best this or that may have a new episode in the receiver department. 

Michael Thomas is surely one of the better wide receivers in the NFL, but now he's on a quest to become the very best pass catcher out there.

“I feel like that will come,” Thomas said, via the Times-Picayune, of being regarded as the best in the NFL. “When you look at the guys that are the top receivers in the league, they’ve all played multiple years ahead of me. I feel like I’m staying consistent. It’s [been two seasons], so everybody wants to see what I’m going to do next. I feel like that’s what makes it fun. That’s what I live for, to be able to take that next step and then see what [fans] say. Once the numbers line up, I’ll be right there with the best of them.”

The third-year pro has put some great numbers up in his short career. He set the record for most catches in a player's first two seasons with 196. He's got 2,382 yards receiving and 14 touchdowns. Yeah, he's pretty decent.

Let's also not forget he's got one of the best to ever throw the ball, ​Drew Brees, for the time being. If Thomas does end up on top, expect the veteran QB to have a pretty significant role in it.

In the end, words are words, but when game time rolls around, his play will speak for itself. So, we'll wait until then to make a definite decision, and for now, we'll just sit back and enjoy the show.