Everyone outside of Golden State is thinking the same thing: Kevin Durant has become unbearable with his recent actions. 

Whether he's making ​insane claims about other superstars in the league or ​giving himself false identities, the two-time Finals MVP continues irritating the rest of the NBA. Somehow, KD topped all of his previous remarks with his latest comments. 

In one of the most asinine statements you'll see from Kevin Durant, the superstar forward told ESPN's Zach Lowe that he's, "just not obsessed with winning championships." 

​​This is the same player that joined a 73-win team, which already won a championship back in 2015. Are we supposed to erase the memories of Durant and Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City? Or forget that winning the NBA Finals was his biggest priority since the summer of 2016? 

He's not just turning into one of the most hated athletes in sports, but he's also becoming a hypocrite. 

Basketball fans around the world know this is downright pathetic: 

​​If winning championships wasn't the only reason Durant plays, then why sign with the Warriors? Why re-sign with them? Why not stay in OKC? 

The Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat also have wonderful weather in their cities. The Washington Wizards allowed him a chance to play for his hometown. The OKC fanbase absolutely adored him. 

Yet, here we are forced to listen to KD's ludicrous remarks.