​This should thicken the plot in Golden State. 

Forecasting the end of the Warriors' dynasty is extremely difficult, but this might be the opening that the rest of the NBA needs. With Steph Curry and Kevin Durant creating one of the most formidable duos in league history, the production of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green is occasionally lost in the shuffle. 

If it wasn't for Green's selfless attitude, the Warriors wouldn't have had enough cap space to sign Durant in the first place. The franchise shouldn't expect their All-Star forward to give them another favor next time around, as the three-time champion is expected to reject ​Golden State's contract extension in the future.

​​Signing a three-year, $72 million extension looks very appealing, but Green would benefit from playing his current contract out. If the dynamic forward earns MVP, Defensive Player of the Year or All-NBA Team honors next season, then he would be eligible for the super max. 

Not only would Draymond Green earn an insane amount of money, it would also diminish Golden State's chances of keeping their core intact. When it comes to the business side of this decision, this is absolutely the correct move. 

​​We'll eventually see if this is beginning of the end for the Warriors, but it all hinges on the ​contract demands of their stars