Over the course of NBA history, several players have classified as cold-blooded assassins, but Kevin Durant certainly isn't one of them. 

Despite his clutch three-point daggers in Cleveland, ​Durant's reputation around the league has been pretty much sabotaged since his move to the Bay Area. Yet, here is KD once again behaving as if he's one of the most heartless athletes in all of sports. 

This is the guy whose former teammate dubbed the "cupcake." Then, of course, Durant had to be a hardo and create shoes based off that nickname.

If the four-time scoring champion was actually ruthless, then he would've put an end to Golden State's dynasty in 2016. With his Oklahoma City Thunder in possession of a commanding 3-1 series lead, KD failed to slam the door shut on the Warriors. 

Unlike most cold-blooded superstars, Durant joined his greatest rival in one of the softest free agency decisions ever. Trying to act like a merciless star is borderline pathetic, especially considering that the jury is already out on him. 

Enough of the cold-blooded storylines or pretending to be the underdog. The only move that should be seen as heartless was his move to join a 73-win team, as ​Durant officially ruined the NBA.

Just when critics thought KD couldn't become more agitating than he is now, the two-time Finals MVP proves us all wrong.