The development of top Steelers draft pick Terrell Edmunds is right on schedule. 

​After workouts on Monday, ​Steelers rookie Terrell Edmunds addressed to the media to discuss a variety of topics, like competing at OTAs, being able to step up to make plays, the importance of picking things up quickly, and being ready for minicamp on Tuesday.

Even though it is his first NFL camp, Edmunds is at a point where he feels he isn't a rookie anymore, at least from a learning perspective. He said that he has to pick things up quickly or he's going to being watching more than playing.

"You're either going to make a play or you're not going to make a play. There's no time to think you're here still learning. It's going to move on without you if you don't learn it. You got to pick it up fast."

On the last day of OTAs, Edmunds dropped two interceptions. As a result, he then stayed afterward to put in some extra work in.

As for the start of minicamp, Edmunds is excited to finally put on the pads and to play some real football.

"It's time to go out and hit somebody. All those bobble catches, you might be able to knock them out. You never know how you can mess up the timing with the shoulder pads on,' he said.

Edmunds has a chance to win a starting job and is looking to make big plays for the ​Steelers defense this year.