Well it's the NBA offseason, so ESPN reporters are going to be even more irritating than they usually are.

As what seems to be one of the more compelling NBA offseasons in recent memory about to be upon us, ESPN will have plenty of content to put out. But it seems that they just can't get over SLAM Magazine -- as well as the rest of the internet -- "aggregating" a report from Brian Windhorst. 

Poor ESPN. We should all make sure to be extra careful when dealing with small news outlets like them. They need all of the help that they could get. I mean, giving credit to their reporters and writers? Unreal!

​​It didn't take long for the whole ESPN gang to come in for reinforcements. The situation seemed very serious so I guess one representative wasn't enough.

​​I guess they handle disputes like middle schoolers arguing over Instagram. It's not like this article was saying anything that groundbreaking anyway -- it's a Brian Windhorst report, which typically features the most painfully obvious things about Cleveland, the Cavaliers and LeBron James. 

Dan Gilbert says that he thinks he can build a championship team without LeBron James. What do you expect him to say, that he thinks the franchise will never win another game when James isn't on the team anymore? 

Do less ESPN. A lot less.