Texas Longhorns second baseman ​Kody Clemens, son of MLB legend Roger Clemens, is having a phenomenal series against Tennessee Tech. One has to wonder if being drafted in the third round of the 2018 MLB rookie draft has sparked a fire in Clemens. 

Yesterday, Clemens flaunted his new top-prospect pedigree by taunting Tennessee Tech. After mashing his 23rd home run of the season, Clemens raised his right hand and popped off to Tennessee Tech's bench in a move that can only be described as cocky.

It seems like Tennessee Tech didn't learn its lesson, though. During their matchup today, Clemens blasted another pitch into orbit for his 24th home run to put the Longhorns up 3-0. 

At this point, Clemens seems to be more robot than man. Detroit must surely be loving the first indicators they're receiving about one of their new top prospects.

​​We'll see if he can keep up this torrid pace.