​What an eventful seven days it's been for Texas Longhorns second baseman Kody Clemens. 

Kody, the son of baseball icon Roger Clemens, was just selected 79th overall in the 2018 MLB rookie draft by the Detroit Tigers less than a week ago. 

Despite his dad's desire for him to be drafted by the Boston Red Sox, Kody fits really well with the Tigers on paper. As Dawel Lugo, widely considered the Tigers' best second base prospect prior to the draft, can't seem to figure out how to draw a walk, Kody should not face stiff competition when he's ready to earn a starting gig in Detroit in a few years. Come the early 2020's, Kody could be mashing fastballs past the outfield wall in Comerica Park. 

Kody's celebratory stretch didn't end with being drafted, though. He immediately went back to finish his final collegiate season, and he's been going at it while expressing a flair for the dramatic. 

During a game against Tennessee Tech, while circling the bases after crushing a home run, Kody raised his right hand and taunted Tennessee Tech's bench with the Longhorn's Hook 'Em sign. 

It sure looks like Kody has his father's fiery personality. And I'm sure everyone's looking forward to seeing it on display in the Major Leagues in a few years.