Many believed 2017 would be Julius Peppers' last season. They were wrong.

The Panthers' greatest sack artist will return to the gridiron once again in 2018 after signing a  one-year deal with Carolina. While he could ride off into the sunset instead of hitting free agency once again, you shouldn't write off Peppers just yet.

The veteran defensive end is considering returning in 2019. 

​​Perfect. Just simply never retire. Football would be weird without Peppers dominating offensive linemen on a weekly basis.

Retirement seemed imminent for Peppers this offseason. He's 38-years old, which is ancient for a defender, and had shoulder surgery on top of that. No one would have blamed him for walking away, finishing fourth on the all-time sack leader list. 

Yet heading into 2018, we might have two more years of Peppers left.

​​Retiring at 38 seems reasonable, but Peppers has no reason to step away from the game. He's just six sacks away from moving up to third on the all-time sacks list, is still playing at a high level after racking up 11 sacks last season, and still hasn't won a Super Bowl in his career. There's still plenty that can be achieved by Peppers.

Who knows, maybe we'll still see the living legend playing into his 40s.