In a league such as the NBA that values young talent more than anything else, organizations are forced to pay up in order to keep their young players around. Aaron Gordon and the Orlando Magic will have a lot to discuss in the upcoming weeks. 

Gordon has become a major asset for the Magic, and whilehe 22-year-old forward will surely be a hot commodity in restricted free agency this summer, Orlando won't be letting him go easily.

The Magic have given every indication that they will do everything in their power to keep their young star, including dropping a fat stack of cash. A max offer sheet for Gordon would be a four-year, $107 million dollar deal starting at $24.9 million dollars for 2018-19, while only the Magic can offer Gordon a five-year max -- unlikely, but not quite impossible -- worth $146.5 million.

There does happen to be a slight time sensitivity for this decision, as whatever happens with Gordon affects all other aspects of the Magic roster. A final draft strategy could be put on hold right up until the Gordon decision is made to avoid drafting another versatile forward such as Michael Porter Jr. whose role would be somewhat redundant if Gordon stays.

Gordon may be worth emptying pockets for. He is the face of the Magic franchise, having averaged 33 minutes per game last season. 

It would be devastating for Orlando to lose him before he has even been able to take his career to the next level. But they've got to navigate these upcoming negotiations with care.