The state of ​Wyoming only has one college football team, the Wyoming Cowboys. Despite possessing only one team from their entire state to cheer on, not all Wyoming residents are on board with every move their football program makes. 

At least one person who lives near War Memorial Stadium, the Cowboys home stadium, in Laramie, Wyoming is not too appreciative of his or her team's efforts to prepare for the upcoming season.

The Cowboys assembled to practice for the 2018 campaign last Friday at 7:00am. To liven things up, the members of the team turned up some music. 

However, that music might have been just a little bit too loud. A caller informed the Laramie Police Department that the Cowboys were disturbing the neighborhood by playing music. The Laramie police deferred the situation to the University of Wyoming campus police, who then had to trek over to War Memorial Stadium and get the team to turn the music down. 

While NBA stars like Jimmy Butler and college football coaches like Jeremy Pruitt can get the music turned down when they want, this situation seems a bit ridiculous. 

Cowboys receiver Austin Conway needed to vent on Twitter following the occurrence. He took to Twitter to ask "who calls the police on their football team working out in [their] own stadium with their own music ???"

Wyoming linebacker Logan Wilson reports that the second group of football players to hit the field for practice didn't even get any music. When asked what song was playing when the campus police arrived, Wilson tweeted that "it was after the first group finished working out. The Second group didn't get music."

Well, that's not gonna help recruiting!