​If you want to debate, just don't do it in front of ​Charles BarkleyWell, you can, but then he'll proceed to ask you, "what did the five fingers say to the face?" before cracking you into next Tuesday. After the Cavaliers got swept by the Warriors, Chuck doesn't want to hear anymore comparison between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Take some notes, kids. If you're ever on live television covering the aftermath of an NBA Finals, I guess feel free to call out everybody that's watching if there's a controversial topic at hand.

We've heard argument after argument. 

"LeBron will be the GOAT if he beats the Warriors this year."

"Jordan will remain the GOAT because LeBron can't catch all of his titles and MVPs."

The list goes on and on, but Chuck has heard enough. If you want to make the argument, just be prepared to take a shot upside the dome.

And guess what? He's got a point. LeBron just got swept in embarrassing fashion and even ​injured himself after Game 1. That's not like MJ whatsoever.