We might have to call this one at the half, folks. The Cavaliers have not looked up to the challenge in terms of avoiding the sweep, and ​Steph Curry continues to have his way with them outside of a poor Game 3. He went OFF in the first half and leads all scorers with 20 right now.

That hurts. Another big shot before the half for the Dubs, which has absolutely deflated Cleveland.

Did you think that was all?

Oh no, there's more.

He also has four assists, two steals, two rebounds, a block, and somehow, this tip in:

He can't be defended ANYWHERE on the court.

Pretty hilarious to think everyone thought this guy was going to lay down after a bad ​Game 3 performance and let Kevin Durant run away with the MVP. Did we forget he was the reason the Warriors won Games 1 and 2?