​The Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup champs, folks. That's right-- a sports team from our nation's capital actually won a trophy. THE BEST trophy, in fact. But it's not all glory and bacchanal right now in hockey land; somebody had to be on the losing end of this thing.

Sorry, Vegas Golden Knights. You'll have to wait until next year.

You're not tired of hearing that, right?

Yes, the Vegas jokes fairly write themselves. And The Twitter is definitely here for them.​

YOWZA! Coming in hot over here.

​​Do you believe in miracles? YES.

Throw Heather Graham in there and you've got yourself a damn deal.

Come on, act like you've been there before!

Big deal, everyone knows every deceased Zamboni driver is in Hell and willing to help out.


​​Devastating for them. If only there were ways for them to drown their sorrows close at hand?

​​That's literally why diving was invented.

Whoa. It was inevitable, folks.

​KD is finally coming home to DC.

​What a magical world this is.