Honestly, is there another franchise more confusing than the New York Mets? 

Early rumblings around the MLB today revolved around their ​refusal to trade Jacob deGrom this season, but clearly that only lasted for a few hours. According to The New York Post's Joel Sherman, the Mets might listen to offers for both deGrom and Noah Syndergaard. 

That is, if they keep losing. 

Wow, cue the New York fans going absolutely crazy right now. 

There's definitely reason to consider moving one of their two aces--​especially deGrom--with the way the Mets are playing. Right now, this club looks destined for another disappointing season, as the playoffs are in doubt with their 27-32 record.  

Receiving an incredible package for either ace should entice the Mets enough to listen. Besides, it's not like their current roster is capitalizing on their rotation's great outings. 

Lower in the story, Sherman even says they'd be willing to trade one of them to the Yankees. 

​​Nothing is certain right now and it's possible that the Mets revitalize their season, but either one of these stars getting traded would make for an epic summer deal in the MLB.