​One year ago today, the Oklahoma legend ​Bob Stoops shockingly resigned from his spot as head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners. 

During ​Stoops' 18 years at Oklahoma, he went 190-48 and 9-9 in all college bowl games. He brought the Sooners into the limelight, and they have stayed there ever since. 

The 57-year old coach had done it all, and he was ready to "own his own time." He walked away from a job (and a six million dollar salary) that he loved, but the time and the intensity that the job carried with it became too much for Stoops. 

Success did not come for free. Stoops worked seven day weeks from July until February, along with multiple recruiting weekends sporadically during the "off" months. He had to deal with equipment problems, players, coaches, disciplinary problems, recruiting issues, and hundreds of other duties that come along with being a head coach. 

When Stoops realized that he was leaving the Sooners in good hands with Lincoln Riley, he began to take some time for himself. Sometimes, it's too much time for Stoops' liking, but he still finds ways to stay with involved with his old team.

After all, being a part of an organization for 18 years merits some withdrawal. Stoops went to 12 Oklahoma games last season and claims that he still feels attached to the players and coaches.

Stoops is taking retirement in stride, telling the world that "football isn't my whole life." Traveling, golfing, and spending time with his kids is the new routine, and he is adjustment his new quiet life.

Enjoy it, Coach Stoops, you deserve it.