​That's one way to defend your man. 

According to Yahoo Sports, Bryan Colangelo's wife Barbara Bottini was the mastermind behind the burner account fiasco. Bottini admitted to these allegations during interviews. 

Bottini talking trash and defending her husband on twitter quite literally cost him his job. Colangelo and the ​Sixers agreed to part ways after this mess of an investigation came to a conclusion.

Paul Weiss was on the case to determine it was Bottini who was trash talking on Twitter. Apparently Bottini also deleted evidence by conducting a "factory reset" of her iPhone. 

Bottini didn't really need to admit to working these burner accounts. She made that pretty clear by deleting evidence. 

Bryan Colangelo still denies that he had any knowledge that his wife was operating these accounts. ​The investigation was unable to determine otherwise. 

However, Colangelo was fueling the fire that Bottini was dishing out.

The now-former Sixers GM was telling his wife private team details which she would then use to get back at trolls on Twitter. Colangelo revealing team secrets isn't ideal, and won't help his case as he tries to get another job in basketball operations.