The Cleveland Cavaliers once again could not fight off the star power of the Golden State Warriors, as they dropped Game 3 to move into a disastrous 3-0 hole in the NBA Finals.

Game 1 seemed to tip the Cavs demise in motion, while Game 2 was a highlight reel devoted to All-Star Steph Curry and his 3-point prowess. Game 3 belonged to  2016-17 Finals MVP Kevin Durant and his monster 43-point game. 

Though some are still in awe of Durant's performance, most can't help but allude to the fact that KD took the cheap way out by leaving Oklahoma City to form a super squad last season with an already stacked Warriors team. 

Yahoo Sports NBA Insider Jordan Schultz quickly came to Durant's defense.

As for guys who actually play in the league, including Portland Trail Blazers star C.J. McCollum, he still wasn't buying it.

Whether he should or shouldn't have, it won't change the outcome of what will inevitably happen at the conclusion of this year. Durant is likely going to grab his second title in as many years and it will take LeBron James potentially leaving Cleveland to form a super team of his own elsewhere to try to take him down. 

That or the rest of the league, including McCollum, will have to get way better real fast to even compete with the Warriors, who have become the Goliath of the NBA. 

KD jumping ship may have been wrong, but the argument won't change the current state of professional basketball as it is now.