When  asked about wide receiver and teammate Josh Gordon, newly-drafted quarterback Baker Mayfield said: "I've never seen anybody like him." 

We're just gonna take a guess and say that Mayfield had access to this picture a day or two before we did.

For somebody who has been panned and lampooned by coaches and experts as often as Gordon, the receiver sure looks like he's come a long way. Athletes run and lift, as the photo itself makes very clear, but there's no hiding it. Josh Gordon looks absolutely jacked. 

Now 27 years old, Gordon has played in just 10 games since 2013, only five of which have come in the last two years. He has been suspended on numerous occasions, with one of his concerning off-the-field behavior coming last year with a rambunctious night out. The Cleveland Browns, be it because they still see a Pro Bowler, are desperate to get results out of Gordon.

In any case, a clearly ramped-up workout program speaks volumes about the physical measures Gordon has taken to stay ahead of the curve as he and the Browns hope to turn the page on perhaps the most miserable two-season stretch in the history of professional football. If he can avoid the controversy, Gordon could end up making noise beyond a mere Instagram photo.