​Have you ever been ​dunked on by one of your good friends? If you have, you probably know why Alonzo Mourning felt the way he did after Vince Carter put him on a poster in 2005. 

No, Mourning didn't "plot his revenge" or put Carter on notice. He reacted like many of us would have.

​​While six or seven years is a long time, I'm with Mourning on this one. If anyone ever does something this disrespectful to you, you have the right to put them on hold for a few years.

This was straight up nasty.

Sorry, Alonzo. I just had to include the video. Also, are we entirely sure Vince didn't say something to Alonzo while he was airborn? 

This raises another question. Just what would you have to say to somebody to get them to not talk to you for seven years? Any ideas?

At any rate, Vince has given every little brother the formula to defeat his bigger brother. All you have to do is dunk on him so hard in pool basketball that he won't talk to you for a really long time. 

Problem solved.