Dec. 4, 2017. This date will be forever ingrained in the mind of Pittsburgh Steelers star linebacker Ryan Shazier.

On that day, Shazier sustained a gruesome spinal injury during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. After tackling wide receiver Josh Malone, Shazier just couldn't get up. Something was obviously wrong, so he was rushed to a Cincinnati hospital. 

Shazier was placed on the PUP list shortly thereafter, and just like that his season was over. Even after months of rehabilitation, Shazier was placed on the PUP list for the upcoming 2018 campaign.

However, Shazier did not want to give up on football after getting injured. He has found other ways to stay involved by announcing the Steelers' first-round selection in the 2018 draftserving as the Steelers scout at Pitt Pro Day and more. 

Shazier spoke at a press conference on Wednesday to address his future prospects in football. He made it clear that, even though he has remained within the Steelers community by partaking of numerous activities for the Steelers off the gridiron, he still plans on suiting back up someday.

Shazier told the press today that his dream is to come back and play football again. He asserted that he's been working his tail off, and his a comeback in the back of his mind during his rehab. 

Despite Shazier's strong convictions, it remains unlikely that he will be able to realize his dream.

Months after the devastating injury, Shazier still cannot walk without the support of a cane. To go from this stage to taking the barrage of hits that linebackers endure every week in the NFL, Shazier will need a miracle. 

Although it would make a great and inspiring comeback story, the probability of a return to the gridiron for Shazier is exceedingly bleak.